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Illustration Services

Drawing is my first love. Whether you need a traditional, hand drawn illustration, some fast and dirty digital storyboards or anything in between, I can knock out whatever you need.

Graphic Design Services
Graphic Design

I live on the grid. Print, Web, Multimedia...You name it and I can do it. I love designing layouts and elements that speak clearly, concisely and effectively to their target audience.

Mobile Design Services
User Interface Design

I love simplicity. This love, when applied to mobile design, helps create beautifuly direct, intuitive and attractive interfaces that will draw your users in and direct them to the content they are looking for.

Even More
BBrand Design

First impressions only come once, and that is why it is of vital importance that your business makes a strong impression out of the gate. The reality is, businesses are often judged by their branding before they even get that opportunity. I have worked with start-ups as well as existing, successful businesses to develop complete brand identity packages. Logo design to brand guideline documents, I am able to help your company position itself for success from the get go.

"App Design

The mobile revolution is here and apps with intuitive, simple and elegant interfaces are the ones that are leading the movement. I have worked with several companies and individual developers to create pixel perfect user interfaces for iPhone and Android apps, as well as desktop applications. If you already have a group of developers in house or on contract and simply need front end design, I have the experience and the skills to deliver the interface you are looking for.

<Print Design

Digital marketing is great, but few things can trump the tactile experience. Print design can compliment and enhance your online prescense in ways that digital media simply cannot replicate. Whether you need brochures, business cards, banners, posters or any number of other print materials I am able to assist with your project. I have experience laying out and designing projects ranging from magazines and perfect bound books to die-cut business cards and everything in between. You can rest assured that your print collateral will reflect and reinforce your brand prescense while being laid out properly for pre-press production.


Knowledge and experience are of the utmost importance when planning a project. Perhaps you want to make sure you have a complete understanding of a proposed projects design requirments before you commit to it? No worries, I am willing to assist in any way I can, even if I don't get to push the pixels around for you myself. My experience is at your disposal if you need assistance with planning, prototyping, implementing and maintaining graphic assets.

"Robbie is a fast and diligent designer with a real eye for detail. We’ve been blown away by his enthusiasm and his willingness to inject his own personality into the designs he does for us. He is an incredibly gifted illustrator and we’re very happy to have him working with us."

-Ben Dodson, Former CEO, WallaBee Inc.

"Robbie is an amazing graphic designer with expertise covering a wide range of tools and mediums. He is able to complete every task we ask of him, no matter the complexity or challenges. He is a professional, but with an easy going personality and a positive, 'Can-do' attitude. We can always count on him to turn any design project into something amazing!"

-Farhood Basiri, Co-Founder, Bellwether Software Development

"Robbie designed posters for worldwide distribution to help Americans overseas who have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault. He was responsive, easy to work with and created posters that were impactful and visually appealing. A real challenge for such difficult subject matters. We highly recommend Robbie for your graphic design needs."

-Paula Lucas, Executive Director and Founder, Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center

"Our club was ecstatic about the logo design Robbie did for us. In fact, we were so impressed by it that immediately after receiving it, we plastered it all over our website and social media outlets, and made a big deal about showing it off. Now, clubs across the country have been asking us where we got our awesome new logo from."

— Kristopher Wells, Augusta Gaelic Sports Club

"Robbie creates striking designs and has an eye for the details. He is always easy to work with and makes it enjoyable to collaborate and share ideas."

— John Long, Image API

"Robbie designed custom iOS app icons and resources for several of our apps, including Medical Mnemonics and Perfect OB Wheel. He responded quickly and professionally during and after the design process, and I've been thrilled with the results."

-Evan D. Schoenberg, M.D., CEO, Regular Rate and Rhythm Software
Who I Am
My name is Robbie smith and I make cool stuff

Seems simple, but there is more to it than that. I am an artist and I live to create. I love daydreaming and doodling, then taking those dreams and bringing them to life in print and multimedia. I am inspired by the beauty in the world around me and draw my ideas and inspirations from that wonderful tapestry. Being a designer requires one real skill, the ability to truly see; not to simply look around but to intuitively grasp the underlying patterns and complexities buried beneath the simple and the mundane and use that knowledge in practice.

Bio-digital jazz, man.

So what does all that mean, practically speaking? It means I am passionate about using design to make the world around me a more beautiful, usable and sustainable place. I live to design and I design to live.

I am constantly seeking to grow and learn, all while sharing what I have gained along the way. I give my all and never settle for second best. When I work on a project, I pour myself into my work. My designs are my children, and I want them to be the best in class.

I am ready for the next challenge, I live to change the world, one pixel at a time, and I'm looking for the someone who wants to do the same. If that is you then get in touch, because no matter your need, I can help you bring your vision to life in a way that is beautiful, effective and unique.

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